For 30+ years, I have been involved in reading, writing, producing, and analyzing the stories that shape North American culture.


A Pain in the Neck

My latest work-in-progress, A Pain in the Neck demonstrates the crucial link between the stories we tell about our bodies and those we tell about the earth. It connects the chronic exhaustion of contemporary working women with society’s inability to implement real solutions to our looming environmental crisis.

A Pain in the Neck begins with a tale of a mysterious neck injury I suffered following a supposedly routine hysterectomy. This pain in my neck – and my attempts to heal it – led me from a personal crisis to a wide-ranging exploration of the powerful cultural mythology which elevates mind over body and culture over nature.

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Theatrical Liberalism:

Jews and Popular

Entertainment in America

I have always been fascinated by how cultural forms shape the lives of real people. Theatrical Liberalism explores the connections between Jews, popular entertainment, and American liberalism.  It was published by New York University Press and nominated for an American Jewish Book award.

Making Americans:

Jews and the Broadway Musical

Published by Harvard University Press, Making Americans: Jews and the Broadway Musical launched a public conversation about the Jewish roots of the musical theatre in the media and the academy.

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