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Let’s invent tales of interdependence and abundance, chart paths towards healing, and foster a joyous

and sustainable relationship with the earth.


The Persephone Project

The Persephone Project explores earth-time in an era of ecological crisis. A collective of scholars, artists, writers and activists, we study the impact of seasonal chaos and 24/7 culture on human and non-human communities and investigate strategies for repairing the damage. We believe the ancient Greek myth of Persephone can serve as a potent antidote to the reductive, human-centric notions of time that are so prevalent in modern society. With Persephone as our standard bearer, we unearth and re-imagine stories, rituals and practices rooted in the rhythms of the earth that can restore balance to the land that sustains us, and the communities that call it home.  

During 2020, we have spent more time than any of us anticipated in the Underworld.  In the wake of this pandemic, and all of the injustice it has laid bare, our project’s focus on restoring balance to land and communities by attending to earth time feels more urgent than ever.  We are spending our time in the Underworld listening:  to the land, to the voices rising up around us, and to the wisdom of the ancient stories that we are working with. In the Spring of 2021, as Persephone rises, so will we. 


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Bela Farm is 99-acres of forest, pasture and cultivated fields in Hillsburgh, ON where rural and urban partners develop creative responses to environmental crisis. We experiment with farming partnerships, immersive public education programs, and land-based art, ritual, performance, scholarship and advocacy. As Creative Director, I teach a variety of workshops at the farm and help to shape the overall mission.


Land-Based Judaism

Along with my colleagues and partners, I work to re-imagine Jewish values around food, farming, land, environment, gender and diaspora in light of twenty-first century environmental realities.